The Smiles That Matter

When I was going through some recent photos and came across this collage, it made me feel sentimental.  Feeling very sad the day I put Moon down, I came home and went downstairs to my "office" she and I shared. 

 Moments later and sobbing, I looked out the walkout basement door.  Spotting this little Goldfinch collecting Moon's fur off the "welcome" mat, I watched it fly off into the woods and return for another beak-full.

As sad as I was that day, this little bird made me smile.
Moon loved to be brushed...I always told her that "the birds need your fur."

Then, I got to thinking about other birds that make me SMILE.

Always VERY vocal early in the morning, when his owner appears and/or when company arrives, I am pleased to introduce you to the resident rooster who lives next door.

Meet "Steve Martin."

No these are NOT the girls that Steve Martin takes care of.  These ladies belong to another friend of mine.  On a recent visit, I decided that "Big Mama" is my favorite.  She's the brown with the golden marking around her neck.  She always makes me smile and I adore her personality...:)

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

The Smiles That Matter

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That soft fur is cradling tiny wonderful.
I have a dear friend who has 2 pet chickens who live with her in her home. She's had a chicken pet for about 15 years and love them dearly.
Debbie said…
awwwww, how sweet - turning that frown, upside down!! i have never seen a goldfinch do that but how resourceful are they. i'm glad you saw this and that it was able to lift your spirits!! my birds, always lift my spirits!!

i hope you are getting fresh eggs from these noisy momma's, neighbors who share are always nice to have!!

sorry about moon, such a void after they are gone!!
MadSnapper said…
hugs for you while missing Moon, I know your heart still aches.
Ann Thompson said…
How nice that Moon could continue to take care of the birds.
Red Rose Alley said…
oh, you have a rooster friend who lives next door, how delightful. My sister has a rooster, and when her husband passed away, it was hard taking care of the back yard and the rooster, but she can't give it away, as it's become part of her family. : )

Breathtaking said…
Hello!:)I'm so glad your sad tears turned to smiles. I'm very sorry for your loss, losing a pet is heart breaking. Now Moon's hair is making a cosy warm nest for a new generation of birds to take to the skies. Thanks for sharing your story, the hens, and Steve.
In your sadness, you have found some joy and a happy moment to share and hope it helped, JP. I laughed at the rooster's name too and wondered why it received that moniker.
betty-NZ said…
It's really nice to have such a lovely photo to go back to for a smile when you need it. I can see why the little bird would make you smile! The rooster looks awfully serious!
Unknown said…
She's had a chicken pet for about 15 years and love them dearly.


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