A Boy Named Joe

Last weekend, as a TLGV Ranger, I had volunteered to help out on a members only paddle.  It was at that six mile paddle that I met Joe.  

Walking my kayak down to the river's edge, there stood a young man and his Mom.  After introducing myself, and promising that I would email his Mom the photos, I asked Joe if I could take a few pix of his buddies.  I hope he liked them...:)

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A Boy Named Joe

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eileeninmd said…
Hello, Joe had some neat buddies. Sounds like a fun day kayaking.

Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!
Any day you get to hang around dinosauers is a good day..and if they have a friend named Joe...so much the better.
Bee Lady said…
His buddies are kinda cute!

Ann said…
So Joe likes to hang out with the old guys.
MadSnapper said…
since I think these are AWESOME I think Joe will like them even more
Red Rose Alley said…
aahh, those are cute. I'm sure he liked them. ; )


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