A Rock

While I cannot disclose names, for now, I will call him "J".  We met at the gym after a few mutual morning nods and smiles.  Fast forward a year or so later and he and I have become good friends, chatting often in between machines or while on the elliptical.

Then, this year we shared hugs, stories, and tears when we both had to put our dogs down.  Yet that wasn't the end of his pain.  Within a few short months, his wife filed for divorce, was in a bad motorcycle accident and lost his job.

Listening to him vent, I learned a lot about him.  I learned that he tried to keep his chin up no matter what.  I learned that he always had a kind word for everyone and was always polite and caring.  "Placing my hand on his shoulder as if placing an angel, I said, "good things will come your way...you'll see." Well, I ran into him earlier this week.  

Hopping on the elliptical next to him, I reached over to give him the "old punch in the shoulder".  Turning to me and smiling broadly, although still on his machine, he stopped peddling.  I did too.  The conversation began.

J:  Do you want the good news or bad news first?

ME:  Whichever is best for you.

J:  Okay, bad news first.  We made an agreement.  My wife and I have an appointment with the attorney.  She's moving out soon.  

ME:  That's okay.  You've got this.

J:  Now for the good news.  I got a job at Hartford Hospital and start the end of the month.

Climbing off the elliptical, I motioned him to get off as well.  I hugged him so tightly and began crying.  That's when I realized that he did really get that angel.

This young man has always listened to me, been there for me.  He is like a "rock".  Oh, and did I tell you that "J" is deaf? 

just seeing, saying and sharing...

A Rock

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So glad things are working out for him.
Ann Thompson said…
Always good to hear good stories
Terra said…
That is a sweet and powerful friendship and so glad he received the angel on his shoulder blessing from you.
Anonymous said…
I was inspired about the story. God has given him strength to come up in his life from all his bad things. You have been a good support for him.
I am so inspired that you developed such a good relationship with a person who clearly wanted to confide in you. It paints a clearer picture of you. Applause and I am so, so happy for this young man. I wish him much success in his new job.

I am without 80% hearing. With hearing aids, I can hear a bit better, but rely on reading lips, following gestures, and closed caption on media. Your physical contact with your friend, from the first paragraph, had me wondering, and I was correct. You are the person we all pray for.

Jane xxxxxxxx
MadSnapper said…
I love a happy story of good things, all of life is good and bad and i am happy for him. great inspiring story today
this was a good share, JP. In the midst of so much sad news, glad that things are looking up for Mr. J.
likeschocolate said…
Glad he has a friend to turn too and that good things are coming his way.

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