Now that the eagles are no longer hanging around daily, the other raptors have begun to show up on a regular basis. 

Stopping by early one morning, this beauty made me run to get the camera.  Performing similar moves in Tai Chi the night before, what I found interesting was the repeated rotation of the head/neck as it watched the ground below for movement.  

There have also been a pair of Osprey hanging around nearly all Summer.  In fact, on one of my recent kayak adventures, an Osprey nest was pointed out to me, which may become yet another activity for me.

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eileeninmd said…
Hello, great sighting of the hawk. It would be nice to keep track of the osprey nest next year. Glad you found it. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!
Nice shots! Thank you for posting that chart showing the shapes. Mom & I saw what had to be either golden eagles or immature bald eagles over the pond near her place last month, but being in silhouette all we ad to go by were the shapes.
Anu said…
Hello. Great bird and great photos!

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