Behind Closed Doors

Volunteering for various events over the past few weeks has kept me more than busy.  One of three recent activities gave me a few "photo-ops" for today post.

The event I volunteered at was hosted by the Canterbury Historical Society.  Actually, it turned out to be quite a surprise as were these adorable fluff-balls.

I wonder how that white one stays so "white"?

Of course, as I wandered by, the two attention seekers shown below let me know they wanted out!

While you look at the critters, I'll tell what happened to make the event such a surprise.

Originally, I was supposed to be assisting "the event manager"...the man I call Boss even though he's not my boss.

I arrived ahead of schedule to find that he already had our tent and tables all set up as well as the signage in place.

Parking the car and walking over to our spot, he said, "JP, we have a problem.  The Event Manager for  Woodstock got hurt, so I am going to go cover Woodstock.  You'll be on your own here today.  I'll come by when it's over and pick up all the stuff.  All you have to do is pack it up."

Sounds easy, right?

Well, first of all, I have no qualms about managing an event, so that part was okay.

Quite honestly what I was concerned about is WHO IS GOING TO RELIEVE ME WHEN I HAVE TO RELIEVE MYSELF?

And, leave it to "Boss."  He'd asked one of the recent hires who lives there in town to swing by so I could "go."

And she did just that, which is how I was able to get these and from the "john."

What was not a great experience was when the event was over and I had to pack everything up.  Oh, our brochures, maps, guides, signage, etc. was a piece of cake.  Even the folding tables could be managed by one person and placed in their zippered cases.  It was the darn tent that was not an easy thing to disassemble that was the nightmare.  However, thanks to two very nice gentlemen, we got it down and in it's case (Although being men, they insisted it go into the case top first.  They were wrong but did not want to listen to me.)

All packed up and ready to go, there I sat waiting for Boss on the steps of the church to help load everything in his truck.  "JP, I owe you combat pay for this one," he said with a broad grin as he walked from the parking lot.  

So now, as a a Ranger...I am also an Event Manager when needed.
In fact, I just did another one yesterday.  What is nice about managing the event is I get paid...not just gas mileage.  Nice little part-time job, if I do say so myself....:)

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Behind Closed Doors
(which all these critters were)

with you and those at


Ann Thompson said…
I've dealt with those tents. There's just no way you can put them up or take them down by yourself
Meryl Baer said…
The importance of being able to pee when needed is so important - good thing the Boss provided cover for you! Years ago hub and I did craft shows. Setting up and taking down the tent was the hardest part.
MadSnapper said…
I was happy to read the punch line to your day. I GOT PAID.. that is great and to see all these critters is great to... he thought of every thing. ha ha on the hard headed men that know best
Yes, JP, we know about tent take downs too and you were right about how to bag it. Glad you git some relief and some help with packing some things. And, the pay is nice too👍
Stewart M said…
Some rather good animals there - really like the rabbits.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
eileeninmd said…
Hello JP, you have a critter jackpot here. I love them all. If all volunteer work was with these cute critters I would be there. They are all adorable, wonderful photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post.
Sorry, I am late commenting.
Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week ahead.
I hope you know how much I love your posts and so appreciate you sharing a slice of life with us. Leaves are changing here too.
Friko said…
Yes, this is all very interesting, but how did you get the animals packed up, folded, and ready for transport?
What a nice variety of photos for critters! How nice of you to volunteer your time! It's a big commitment! Enjoy your week!

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