It is Fall, Right?

Passing by the side of the house on my way to get the bird seed, I spotted this "BA" bumble bee.

When I looked at it's size in relation to the Marigold, I just had to take a pic.
Yet another surprise was the blooming Clematis!

It's the fourth week of October my other variety is loaded with buds as well.

But it is Fall, right?

Watching me as I wandered the yard, the Eastern Bluebird flew to the top of the nearby cedar I am trying to save.

Now I know that cooler weather is heading our way but seeing everything basking in the warm Autumn sun made me is Fall, right?

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

It is Fall, right?

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gld said…
Several of my clematis have a smaller late summer/fall re bloom. Weather must be just right for it to be really impressive. That kind of bee is about all we have seen this year.

We are going to get down to freezing for a few nights over the next week.

Brrrr. It was 80 degrees day before yesterday. It will be a shock to our systems.
We`ve had a few days like that as well but today...well. today it IS fall, no question about it.
Linda said…
Still mild weather over here in tulip and windmill land. I saw that my southwest Louisiana outside water faucets will need covering this weekend. So thankful for kind neighbors❣️Linda@Wetcreek Blog
Red Rose Alley said…
Oh, that bee is a pretty big one. The picture of the Clematis is wonderful. You can see the details in the petals and the whole bud. And that looks like a dragonfly fellow?


Ann said…
I've asked myself the same question several times. I have yellow blooms on my forsythia.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, your flowers are beautiful, love the bird and bee and the dragonfly.

It seems the weather is colder now, we did enjoy a long warm period.

Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!
Nelsie (NilC) said…
love your photos especially the last one with a dragonfly.
MadSnapper said…
more like spring than fall and that is truly a BA bee. wow. I am sure fall will fall on you very soon. we woke up to 60 degrees and tomorrow will be 51 and I am happy
Susie said…
JP, I loved seeing the big bee. Looked great on the flower. I wish we could have keep the bluebirds here. They came a couple years but the wrens take over on their houses. The clematis is a beautiful color. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

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