A Sign

The needlepoint sign above the arrangement says
"kindness matters."

I agree.

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Kindness Matters

with you and those at


MadSnapper said…
Kindness does matter and so do shadows. I love shadows
Not only does it 'matter', it makes a difference.
A choice the best of us make.

Jane x
Bee Lady said…
I do too. I have a sweatshirt /hoodie that says the same thing.
Anonymous said…
I love everything about this. Thank you. This would be a good addition to Sparks, which I host every Monday on my blog, McGuffy's Reader. The link is open M-F. I hope you will check it out. Hugs!
Red Rose Alley said…
That's a special needlepoint, indeed. : )


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