A Walk With A Purpose

After solidifying a few more plans for the remainder of the week, Tuesday afternoon I decided to just go for a walk.  Well, actually, it was a walk with a purpose. Putting on my tick pants, socks, and shirt, followed by my lightweight windbreaker, I grabbed the larger clippers and my camera.

On Friday, the 27th, before I left for another "event", I spotted an adult Bald Eagle zoom in from the northwest and head toward the old nesting area.  Then this past Tuesday, I spotted an adult again coming from the northwest fly over the tree line and circle below the old nest area.  Now I don't want to get my hopes up too high however, two sightings within five days is impressive.  

I though I might as well go into the woods and blaze my overgrown trail and sit spot...just in case.  That was the purpose of my walk.

And yes, I accomplished what I set out to do.  However, it was what was on the other side of my trail that made the walk all worthwhile and it wasn't eagles.  It was none other than Steve Martin (my neighbor's rooster) and Otis and Millie (their goats).

Hearing the sound of my voice as I call out, "Where's my kids?" they came running from the back of their enclosure.

I had a thought recently about the purpose of my life.  I decided that my purpose was to make everyone and everything that touches my life smile.

Millie always calls to me as I turn t walk away, while Otis hits the pile of fresh hay.  They have gotten so big and are even more beautiful than when they were "kids."

Of course, Steve may have a different reason for my existence because, like any male, he protects those girls, crowing incessantly.  He rounds them up, takes his stance close to the fence and begins crowing.

All in all, the mission was successful.  After all, it made me smile...:)

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A Walk With A Purpose

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What a lovely walk...I just love your pictures!
MadSnapper said…
I am not a fan of roosters as they scare me silly, but contained I could look and admire. LOVE LOVE LOVE those goats.. I know how much you love Eagles, so think how you feel and that is how I feel about goats and cows and donkeys
Sounds like a pretty good purpose to me.
An excellent purpose.

All the best Jan
Ann said…
Aw, look at those goats. I wouldn't mind having neighbors like that
Lady Fi said…
Those goats are adorable!
Stewart M said…
I suspect that the fence may not really be goat-proof! Looks like they could jump it in a single bound!

I also like the rooster!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
eileeninmd said…
Hello, I like your cute neighbors. Looks like they would like to walk with you. Adorable photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day!
That sounds like a great purpose to have in life, JP.
Liz Powley said…
It never hurts to make someone smile :D

You definitely had a lovely walk. I'm a great believer that sometimes we just have go find those great moments. I'm glad you found one.

Thanks for sharing.

Best wishes,

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