A while back, I attended a "PhotoWalk."  Conducted by a professional photographer, the class was taken out in the field to experience first hand various settings on their individual cameras.

My camera of choice for this was my Canon SX50 HS which I've had for five years.  Although it is only 12.1 MP, I love the camera.  While out in the field, I  noticed something...several brownish spots...on the inside lens.

Calling the instructor over to ask him what it was, I began with, "I know I have a scratch on the outer lens which was caused by the lens cap, but do you know what that is on the inside?"

His response was quick.  "Did you take pictures of the eclipse?"

"No....but, oh wait....my husband did."

"Well, if he pointed the camera directly at the eclipse without the use of a lens filter, he may have burnt it."


In case you don't remember, the eclipse occurred on August 21, 2017.  Let me paint the picture on what transpired at our house that afternoon.

Out on the deck, feet up on the table, doing a Sudoku puzzle, I sat waiting to "listen the eclipse."  (I had read that the silence would be noticeable with all wildlife and, believe it or not, it was.  Hence I wanted to "listen" to the eclipse.)

Meanwhile, the Pres...the man who knows everything...came out onto the deck, wearing his welder's mask which he planned on using to view the eclipse and said, "Where's your camera?  Aren't you going to take pictures of the eclipse?  It's almost time."

"I don't want to ruin my camera.  And since I don't have a solar lens, I don't want to take a chance."

Well, I'm sure you can guess the rest.  First he watched through the welder's mask and then the Pres proceeded to zoom in snap away. 

Although I never looked at the lens, I did look at the pix.  They came out horrible so I deleted them from the SD card.

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MadSnapper said…
just in case the pres happens on this post I am going with NOT COMMENT!!!!!!!!!
Linda said…
Think he has relatives in my family. Should we run the DNA on all of the "knoweverythingbetter" we know? Sorry about your camera😩How many days until Christmas? Linda@Wetcreek Blog
Photos by Stan said…
YIKES!! I take it that the dark underside of the cloud is the burn out location...an otherwise beautiful image. Well, at least the Pres had the good sense to protect his eyes.
Ann Thompson said…
Sounds like someone needs to buy you a replacement for Christmas
Photo Cache said…
I've been blogging and taking photos for over a decade now and I still need to get some lessons.

Worth a Thousand Words
namaki said…
Clouds make the sky beautiful !!
Felicia said…
make him buy you a new camera.
Sorry to read this post about your canera damage, JP, and thanks for the info on how lenses can be damaged. Hopefully, the Pres did not damage his eyesight ny using the welding glasses. And, as others have already suggested, you should get in your holiday replacement request to “Santa”
Ida said…
Oh my that is not good.
carol l mckenna said…
Gorgeous sky shot ~ very creative ~ ^_^

A ShutterBug Explores
aka (A Creative Harbor)
Red Rose Alley said…
Wow, this picture is awesome! The clouds look mysterious against that blue sky.

Well, guess you get to go shopping don't you?
Sorry about your camera but it is a beautiful photo if u don't know the story.

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