On my way to "nowhere" I pulled in to this small, well kept parking area and found quite a big, beautiful, blue sky corralled by a fence.  It prompted me to look for more fences as I ventured on.

"Hmmmm," what's this place?  

Their sign made me smile and personally, I thought it was kind of cool.

But then, I spotted something way up on the hill.  I could just barely make it out.

It was a giant corn maze...corralled, of course.

 And to the far right, on yet another hillside, was a display of pumpkins (in the shape of a house, no less)...also corralled.

There you go.  Another ride to nowhere that ended up with me being somewhere...:)

just seeing, saying and sharing...


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MadSnapper said…
We always loved our weekend rides to nowhere but when the gas went so high we quit doing that we used to take either Saturday or Sunday morning and ride for at least an hour to hour and a half. You sure had a very interesting find on your ride
Corn mazes can be such fun too!

All the best Jan
Ann Thompson said…
Did you walk through the corn maze
Felicia said…
those are the best kind of rides.

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