Fast and Furious

Glancing toward the slider while in the kitchen, I was lucky to see this Pileated Woodpecker fly in.  Landing on one of the many dead tree stumps, it began drilling as I went to grab the camera.

Standing back away from the door to avoid spooking it, I got these through the glass slider so clarity isn't the best.  I find this species so fascinating to watch although they are one of the shyest birds ever.

Jumping around the dead stump as if it was on fire, the woodpecker did not spend much time in each spot. 

Reviewing the time on my photos, these few were within 3 minutes.

Then it vanished into the woods.  

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Fast and Furious

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Gayle said…
Often seen; rarely seen around here. The last picture is nice with it sitting still.
Lea said…
Have a great day!
Debbie said…
your description here is im"pec"cable!! this woodpecker is so fun to watch, and has so much determination....

great captures, i would not have guessed you were peeking through the glass!!!

he will be back!!!
Awesome quick visitor! Glad you were able to get the shots! They're great.
Anni said…
I am in total jealousy mode right now!! Lucky you...if only I could see one in real time. Thru the glass?---photos are super.

Thanks for linking in this week @ I'd Rather B Birdin'
Red Rose Alley said…
Your Woodpecker is so different than ours here. He's a handsome fellow, isn't he? I love his striped face and red head.

Felicia said…
he's a handsome fellow.
Sweet little guy. Your last 2 pics are awesome!

Jane x
Stewart M said…
One of my favourite birds! I was lucky enough to see them a couple of times during trips to the US. No woodpeckers of any sort in Australia.

Nice set of pictures

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

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