Another one of the events I volunteered for had several antique vehicles.
This one was my favorite because it appeared to be loaded with pumpkins.
Or was it just my imagination?

And then, how could I pass up this scene as I drove by?
I wanted it all...the sky, the water, the clouds, the trees, the moose.
Wait, what?!?!?!?!!  I thought I was seeing things.

(You do see the moose in the distance on the far left, right?)

just seeing, saying, and sharing...


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The reflection does give the appearance of the vehicle being filled with pumpkins...and yes....I DO see the moose. Cool.
MadSnapper said…
we both love OLD cars..
The car does look like it has pumpkins in it! We have had antique cars in the past. They are a lot of care to keep them up. I do see the moose. Great capture.
Ann Thompson said…
I love old cars. Looks like a moose out there to me too
Dragonstar said…
What a beautiful black and white scene! And yes, I see the moose ;)
James said…
Great reflections! I especially like the bottom one. Wow a moose! :-)
magiceye said…
Beautiful captures both!

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