My Candy

Last week, a few days after Halloween, I babysat my granddaughter.  As usual, after homework, we played.  We wrestled with each other and the stuffed animals...LOL.  It was while we were taking a break that this conversation began.

Mia: said, "Nana, do you like Whoppers?"
Me:  "Yes, I love Whoppers."
Mia:  "Do you like Mr Goodbars?"
Me:  "Yes."
Mia: "Do you like York Peppermint Patties?"
Me:  "Yes."
Mia: "Do you like Milk Duds?"
Me:  Yes."
Mia:  Do you like Twizzlers?"
Me:  "I love Twizzlers."

As I walked back into the kitchen, Mia held out two zip lock bags at arm's length out in front of her.  Filled with an assortment of miniature goodies she placed them on the counter next to my keys.

Me:  "Mia, that is so nice of you to share your Halloween candy with Nana.  Thank you."

Mia:  "Oh, I didn't take it from my bowl.  I took it from Daddy's.  He won't mind."

On my two hour drive home, I replayed the event in my mind.  Smiling, I thought...I'm glad I taught my son to share

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

My Candy

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gld said…
She sounds like a real charmer! Bet daddy doesn't mind almost anything she does.
MadSnapper said…
what a doll baby... I love it and am still smiling out loud.
Gayle said…
So cute. Look out world here she comes :)
Linda said…
😂😂Thought you were going to say those were the candies Mia did not like. Yep, glad you taught her daddy to share. 😘Linda@Wetcreek Blog
lol...whether he knows it or not.
Ann Thompson said…
LOL that is just too funny
Anonymous said…
Kids are funny. I want to mention, I love your sidebar shot, too. "Love is an experience." Hugs!
Red Rose Alley said…
That's so funny. It reminds me of the time I gave my father a red sucker on Father's Day, and at the end of the conversation, I had licked all of it haha. Children do the funniest things.


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