Five Star Reflection

Did I ever tell you about the day two of my friends and I were going to meet for lunch?  Anyway, somewhere along the line, my gym buddy, MMQC, had suggested a restaurant that Cher and I'd heard about many times.  The following Thursday at noon was decided upon.  

Fast forward to Thursday morning of the following week and anxious to get somewhere I'd never been, I left early. If it's one thing I don't care for is being late.  I hate to be late.  So, plugging the name of the restaurant into the GPS, I immediately noticed that there were two locations.  Of course, MMQC and I had talked about the one closer to her, and by leaving early, I arrived with time to spare.

Although I didn't see either Cher or MMQC's cars in the lot, I went inside.  Once I saw the line, I was glad I did.  Yet it was while I was in line I received a text from Cher which read, "I'm here."

Me:  "So am I.  I'm inside.  Come on in."
Cher:  "I am inside.  Where are you?"
Me:  "In line."
Chris:  "So am I."
Me:  "Which location did you go to?"
Cher:  "What?  There's more than one?"
Me:  "Yep.  I'm at the one close to MMQC's.  BTW where is she?"

tick, tock, tick tock...minutes pass as Cher touches base with MMQC

Cher:  "She's home!  She thought today was Wednesday.  #$%^&#$%  I'm outa here...going shopping."

Needless to say, lunch NEVER happened that THURSDAY.  Cher ended up going shopping and I ended up going back home.  Meanwhile, MMQC and I hooked up the next day and lunch was delicious!!

They are known for their "Cheeseburger Platters."  The cheese is a special blend of cheese made for them and once draped on the burger while on the grill, the cheese, as you can see, literally gets lightly "crispified" as well.  All I can say is....give them five stars!!!!

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Five Star Reflection

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MadSnapper said…
the platter is my favorite food and this is just to funny or to sad, depending. great story
Ann Thompson said…
That's kind of funny but too bad the three of you didn't get to have lunch together. Looks good

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