Fruity Friendships

If you remember, a few years ago using my MIL's Fruitcake Recipe, I ended up with 14 fruitcakes.  Then I virtually had to ask people if they liked fruitcake in order to find them all homes!

It ended up being a "feel good" for me, seeing them smile and tell me how much they enjoyed it. 

Well, it has now become a tradition and I actually have some of my "fruity friends" ask me that if I'm making them. 

Saturday, I did just that, although I ended up with only 13.   Running into the same issues as I have in the past, I had to transfer all the cake batter into a larger bowl then add all the dried fruit and nuts. 

There was just sooooo much batter and being so thick and heavy,  stirring was difficult.  

Monday, I added rum to the cheesecloth and then re-wrapped each one in it's cheesecloth, plastic wrap, followed by foil.  For all intents and purposes, they should sit three months.  However, I think they'll be good knowing Christmas is still two weeks away.  They smelled delicious, which actually made the clean-up kind of pleasant.

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Fruity Friendships

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eileeninmd said…
Good morning,

Only 13, that is amazing. I am lucky to make one cake, lol!

Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!
Red Rose Alley said…
How wonderful that you make fruit cakes at Christmas time. I think people either like fruitcakes or they don't, and this girl LOVES THEM! It's nice to see your baking pictures. I often only see your nature pictures, and it was a pleasure to see your home pics. : )

Ann Thompson said…
It's been ages since I've had fruit cake. I guess it's the stigma it has that keeps me from eating
likeschocolate said…
Fruit cake gets such a bad wrap. I actually like it!
Bee Lady said…
I have never had homemade rum infused fruitcake! What a big job to make that many. I love to bake and was going to give it a try but never got the time. Maybe next year. Enjoy passing them out!

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