Homestead Fences

 The fences here at home will have to suffice for this week.  My road trips have been extremely limited over the past week.

I hate confinement of any sort and consequentially make the worst patient when recovery becomes necessary.  

Maintaining my sense of freedom and independence has always been paramount to me.   

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Homestead Fences

with you and those at


eileeninmd said…
Hello, lovely views of your home and property. I hope you feel better soon.

Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!
Ann Thompson said…
Very pretty. Your house looks good in its winter setting
How beautiful and tranquil. Hoping you're well on the mend :)
Rosie said…
Beautiful photo, looks so peaceful among the trees.
Lea said…
The third photo is my favorite
Have a great week-end!
Every thing looks so much prettier in the now. Have a great weekend.
Jim said…
Great fence shot

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