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After a few hours of shopping Saturday morning, once home, I began devoting my time to a little more Christmas baking.  Using the recipe that Louise (from my then Northford FC) gave me when I worked at the "the bank, the carrot cake was first.  Setting it aside to cool, I began one of the favorite recipes...Orange Cookies...on the back of the box of my little cookie press.

Purchased when I was struggling to make ends meet for my kids and myself, I remember thinking that it would suffice for that year.  Little did I know that the petite cookie press, made in Germany, would still be functioning 35 years later!  My "kids" , now 47 and 42, joke about it each year.  The thing is, it always makes perfect cookies, while other name brand cookie presses have been tried and given away.  

The past few years I put my own spin on these buttery, melt-in-your-mouth cookies.  Now referred to as "Orange Delights" and with the help of Nutella for the filling, I make sandwich cookies with them.  It forces me to make two batches (each batch makes about 72 cookies), however, it's worth it.  

So, as I take each cookie off the baking sheet, I place it on the cooling rack next to "it's mate", a cookie that is approximately the same size and shape.  Believe it or not, I spend more time finding "the right mate" than I do baking them.
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Match dot Cookie

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eileeninmd said…
Hello, your cookies look delicious. I wish I could try one now.

Enjoy your day and week ahead!
They do look good!

All the best Jan
Red Rose Alley said…
Your cookies look Yummy, and Nutella is always good. They look buttery and scrumptious.

Merry Christmas, and it was so nice getting to know you this year.

Ann Thompson said…
They sound good and look delicious. I haven't baked a single cookie this year
Sylvia said…
JP, You have me at Nutella as a filling. Are the cookies orange flavored shortbread? I am sure those who receive your baking really appreciate it! Merry Christmas!

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