My "Go-To-Guy"

Stepping out of the shower, I looked up at the stainless light-bar above the mirror.  And YUCK is what I saw.  After getting a chair so I could climb on the granite vanity, I looked closely at just what the "yuck" was. was rust!!!  

Everyone needs a "go-to-guy."  Unfortunately, mine is not the Pres.  Although, I will admit that the Pres has his "strong points," cleaning is definitely NOT one of them.  

However, my "go-to-guy" seems to have all the answers when I need help with just about, home maintenance, cleaning, cutting down name it, this guy is "the guy."  Knowledgeable, polite, and always there for me, he once again came through.

Immediately texting my "go-to-guy" saying..."Hey, how do I get rid of rust on the stainless light-bar in the bathroom." 

Now I guess I could have asked Alexa or Siri, but he ranks high in my book and was my first thought.

His response, just like always, was quick.  When I heard the motorcycle alert, I knew it was him..."That's like cancer.  Toothpaste." 

ME:  "Thanks Honey...I'm on it." 

Go-To-Guy:  "NO scotch pads"

Minutes later, I texted him again..."It isn't coming off.  Should I let it sit a while?"

Go-To-Guy:  "Elbow grease..LOL"

ME:  "It worked like a charm."

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

My Go-To-Guy

with you and those at


Stainless steel can rust? Well damn!!!!
Ann Thompson said…
I need to find me a go to guy
Sylvia said…
JP, Great to have good friends. I see that it involved taking down the fixture to apply enough pressure to get it done! Good job! Sylvia D.
I personally love Mr. Google.

All the best and Happy New Year, my favorite blog friend!

Jane x
MadSnapper said…
how about posting the go to guys phone number, i could use a person to text with answers. I thought you were going to say YouTube. YouTube is my go to guy/gal... i have yet to ask a question that did not have a video on it. in fact i just asked youbue and yowsa check out all the answers.
Gayle said…
Yipes - wiring and all. I think I just found my 'go to gal'.
eileeninmd said…
LOL, toothpaste is a miracle product. I would like to have a go-to-guy too.

I wish you all the best in 2018, Happy New Year to you and your family.

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