Seeing IS Believing

Waiting for the first snowfall to arrive, it was time for another "ride to nowhere."
This time I stopped to watch the Canadian Geese enjoying the water's edge.  Knowing that my recent eye doctor's appointment was a good one, I thought about the importance of my eyes.  Sometime people take things like sight for granted...just as they do our other senses.  I don't understand why.

Yet it was a few days later, when I returned from my annual physical (which I also passed with flying colors) that I SAW this.  Now, what you may see is my garage door open inviting me in or perhaps my American flag blowing in the breeze. 

However, what I saw was "that" unmistakable shape...sitting, watching, SEEING about 100' up in the White Pine.  

It was an immature Eagle.  

It wasn't until it took flight that I was able to confirm it was the 2017 "chick."  Based on it's unique markings, I know it was definitely her. And then my mind began to put things into perspective.

The sounds I've been hearing before sunrise are, in fact, a pair that has returned to build new nest.  

At this stage, the adults would be keeping the immature away  from their buffer zone.  

It may be the last time I see her.

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Seeing IS Believing

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eileeninmd said…
Hello, I agree taking good care of your eyes is important. Great sighting of the eagle. Love the last photo. Enjoy and have a happy day!
MadSnapper said…
so glad you got to see your chick again. I would have missed it totally.
You DO have good glad they came back.
Gayle said…
Exciting for you.
I never knew how our sense of smell affected the enjoyment of eating until I lost about 90% or mine, sigh. Now it's just taste (salt, sweet, bitter etc.) and a few other faint remaining aromas. I'm very thankful for what remains.
gld said…
What great news about your eyes and general health. I do appreciate my sight especially since my dear Sis's vision is so poor and will probably get worse.

I didn't know the birds were so territorial.

Enjoy the approaching winter weather!
Ann Thompson said…
Glad to hear you and your eyes are in tip top shape
Lea said…
An Eagle - wonderful!
Have a beautiful day!
Lady Fi said…
So glad to see the eagle!
Villrose said…
Seeing is quite important.
An owl was spottet at our bird feeders the oter day :)
betty-NZ said…
You are so right that we take so much for granted--until it might be taken away. You have an 'eagle eye' to see the juvenile in the tree! How awesome to be able to put the pieces together about the pair.
Angie said…
Good news for you about your eyesight, and good news for us about your eyesight - the eagle!!!
Rambling Woods said…
I'm so glad you got to see her!!! Eyes..I spent months with my eyes last year and now I am having floaters so I will have to go in again....But being able to "see" is everything to me...Michelle

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