Size IS Relative

With Christmas rapidly approaching, like you, I have seen many people with Christmas trees loaded on top of their cars.  Nothing unusual really...not until my daughter called.

"Mom, I got it a tree for the sun-room but I can't get it into the house.  Angel won't be home until after 6 pm, so I'll have to wait."  And then came the story, along with these pix...

"When I got to his lot, I told him I needed and 10 1/2' tree because last year we had a 10' and it was a little short.

Mom, for some reason it really didn't seem that big out in the field surrounded by all those other trees.  But Mom, I can't fit it through the sun-room slider!"

She went on to say that when they were loading it on her car, a stranger said, "Oh, I've got to see this" chuckling as they loaded it on her car.

The following day, they were both off and that's when Angel went to work. cutting off branches with the lopers before using his circular saw to remove the excess trunk.  See how much he had to remove!!

Bottom line is this.  This Balsam Fir is standing tall and proud in their sun-room.  Now they have to get one for their LR.  The one in their bedroom was the first one to be put up and decorated.  

Bedroom Tree

My daughter intentionally placed their ladder next to the tree to show me how tall it was after they cut branches off and shortened the trunk.

Before decorations...

and after...
Sun-Room Tree

They both love Christmas, can you tell?

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Size IS Relative

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MadSnapper said…
a fun story and i love it... mother loved a big tree, but never had one this big
eileeninmd said…
Hello, I enjoyed the story and the beautiful tree. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week!
She sure has an eye for decorating.
Ann Thompson said…
Wow, that's a big tree.
That is a massive tree, but I can identify with trying to choose the right size. We have a 9 foot ceiling, so I always ask how tall, and that they cut it down. Still, the diameter always gets me! They are always double the size in your own house-a fact. We have the tiniest living room. It will be a joy someday to have a tree at the lake-19 foot ceiling. I want a tall, skinny tree!

Such stunning trees-big and small!
Red Rose Alley said…
What pretty trees of your daughter's. Oh, how I love Blue at Christmas. : ) It always looks magical.


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