Soup's On

Crossing my path, the Hen summoned her poults to hurry.  Although it was the end of June and the Summer sun lit the path for them, they quickly vanished into the surrounding brush.  I knew I would see them again.

And so, time passed...

In a few short months, oh, how the kids have grown...

Way back in the Spring, they were fluffy and small

Now they are large and rather tall.

They came from here
They came from there
They came just kept coming
From everywhere.

They filled their bellies,
As they mosied along
And then they began to
 "Gobble" their song. 

They made their way across the grass
Leaving "that mess" that came from their a#%.

They brought all their friends
To hang out here too
Oh my goodness!!
What was I to do?

They sat on my fences
They dove and they flew
They marched on and on
In bundles of two

I grew tired of watching them,
These large feathered friends

And I knew that soon it would be "the end."

So now I invite you
To enjoy some fresh soup

And it's merely because
They left me their poop!
just seeing, saying and sharing...

Soup's On

with you and those at


eileeninmd said…
Hello, wow! You have a lot of turkeys in your yard. They spook easily here because of the hunters. I like the shot of the one on the fence and the cute little ones. I hope you and your family had a happy Christmas! Enjoy your day and the week ahead!
Oh, you lucky girl, even with the poop! We've seen 2 turkeys one time in our yard, although we do see them down the hill in the pasture once in a while. Happy New Year
They sure have grown up pretty and strong! I have some squirrels I don't want in my backyard...I'll trade with you! heehee! Merry Christmas!
Ann Thompson said…
Holy smokes that's a lot of turkeys
They are hard to get rid of....and you have made your place into a bit of a bird sanctuary. I'm assuming that's 'turkey' soup?
Betty Crow said…
WOW you sure did find a lot of turkeys. Nice shots!
Wonderful post! I loved it!
Debbie said…
oh this is so fun - watching the kiddos grow!! you captured some great images!!!
That really is a lot of turkeys, thanks for the photographs.

All the best Jan
Rose said…
Oh, it has been an age since we seen a gang this loved seeing yours.
Angie said…
So funny! You have a wonderful sense of humor. And it is cool that you got to see them from little puffy balls ... even if the poop is annoying! Happy New Year!
Red Rose Alley said…
Oh, I love seeing the snow around your neck of the woods. Turkeys are an unusual bird, aren't they? I see them all the time around here, and sometimes in my front yard! They roam with their family even in the neighborhoods. : )


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