The Final Destination

Although it was overcast when I left, with a plan in mind and some spare time on my hands, I thought I would take "the long way."

Knowing that there would be a few fences along the way, I admired the lovely, bucolic scenery as I followed the country roads.  With hardly any traffic on these roads during the week, it made the ride even more pleasurable.
As I was passing one of the favorite walk spots, I was able to check out the view quickly from the nearby lot.  What was once an overcast sky, the hues of blue began to take over.

As the sun warmed the cool Fall day, the skies became brighter and more vibrant and when I got here, giant, fluffy clouds were everywhere I looked.

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The Final Destination

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Ann said…
Very pretty. Around here today you would be seeing snow fly. It started about 3:30 this afternoon
Wow, beautiful sky and cotton clouds!
A beautiful view and such pretty clouds at your final destination.
Stratocumulus clouds. My favorite. The photo before this could be framed.

Jane x
Lea said…
Beautiful scenes!
Have a wonderful week-end!
It looked like a beautiful day for a walk! have a wonderful weekend.

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