The Pesky Ones

Although it seems I've been around more people than critters, I did find a few "pesky ones" from recent peeks out in the yard.

Although I do not like Blue Jays, I have to admit, this time of the year, they do add color to the fading foliage.

Intimidating the mild-mannered Woodpeckers away, they are so pushy and pesky when at the feeders and suet hangers.  I really DON'T care for them at all.

However, although pesky and very bold, the Red Squirrels never annoy me.

They are just so darn cute that their peskiness fades quickly.

The Red Squirrel population is still abundant around here although they will begin to take cover from the hungry hawks.

Finally, it just wouldn't be home without the deer jumping the fences and helping themselves to my Rhododendrons.  The morning I caught this doe in the act, the Pres was, of course, still sleeping.  Later that day, when I told him what happened, I asked him to put some wire fencing around the bushes for protection from these pesky critters.

Sitting in his chair, he turned and said, "I already did.  They must be reaching over it."  (in other words, I'm not moving.)

Forever hopeful, I remarked, "Do you think you could make it higher?" There was no answer, which meant this apparently went over like a lead balloon. Now, all I can say is this...looks like our Rhododendrons will be compact.

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The Pesky Ones

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Look at that saucy deer...just giving you the stink eye lol.
Ann said…
Maybe having a deer for a gardener isn't a good idea. I guess this one's specialty is pruning
Red Rose Alley said…
What a cute picture of the red squirrel. Our squirrels have grey tails, and don't see many red tail squirrels. The Blue Jays ARE pushy and aggressive, aren't they? I see them all time around here, and although their call is piercing, they are pretty and one of my favorites. : ) You took a wonderful picture of it.

Angie said…
How can an animal with such warm brown eyes also be such an agent of destruction?
eileeninmd said…
Th Jays can be bossy and loud, but those squirrels are such piggies. The deer here never eat our rhododendrons, I have seen them in our yard though. They are so pretty, I love seeing them. Great photos and post. Thank you so much for linking up your post. I appreciate your comment too. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and week ahead.

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