The Pines

Looking East, this is the view from my kitchen window.  Towering White Pines are scattered throughout the woods surrounding me in this place I call "home."

In 2012, a 100' pine had to be taken down on the North side of our yard.  When I saw the new shoot emerge in 2013 at the base of the old, four foot wide stump, he wanted to rip it out.  "Leave it alone," I told the Pres, "it just needs a little love."  

It seems to like the extra attention...:)

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

The Pines

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Terra said…
I like your pines, both towering and small.
Ann said…
I have a fondness for pines. Just look at that little guy. He'll be big and strong like those towering fellows some day
They really are majestic. You have a beautiful view, too.

Love the snowflakes on your blog!

What a gorgeous view you have. I like how the pines look with a little dusting of snow!
Lady Fi said…
Gorgeous shot of the pines!

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