The Rube's Conclusions

Two of my friends, who are both from New York, occasionally refer to me as a "rube."  Since I had never heard of that term before, nor ever been called that, I "Googled it" the first time I heard it. 

  1. a country bumpkin.

No big deal...I know they are only teasing.  They love to pick on me when we trade stories about growing up and how different our lifestyles were.  

Well, fast forward to the day I was baking and it was snowed all day.  That evening, while the fruitcakes were STILL in the oven, I received a text from MMQC which said, "Look Aunties, a Pup-cicle."

Cher:  "Party on dog!"

Me:  "He looks like concrete...LMAO!"

Cher:  "Maybe she shouldn't leave him out so long."

Me:  "MMQC, may I put this pic on my blog?"

MMQC:  "Shy gives you permission to blog him.  He says to hurry - before - wait for it - the statue of limitations runs out."

Cher:  "Does he have an agent?"

MMQC:  "Fur sure"

Me:  "No time to chat ladies...fruitcakes are in the oven."

Cher:  "Don't shame me into baking, Martha."

MMQC:  I ain't done s&*% yet and I don't care.  Shi and I were napping after all that shoveling."

The following morning, after our occasional banter...

ME:  "I swear MMQC, when I zoomed in on that pic, he looked like concrete!  I'm going to do a post using it...let you know once it's up."

MMQC:  "It is concrete, u rube.  His name is Rocky.  Someone got him for me a few years ago.  I always brush the snow off his head." 

ME:  "Oh MMQC, I love that."
Knowing the story about MMQC's love for each of the five German Shepherds she's owned (Bacher, Chelsey, Ruby, Jack and now Shiloh), her caring for that concrete statue hit home.  It was not long ago that she and I talked about what Jack went through before the decision had to be made to put him down and, like the loss of any pet due to illness, it was heart-wrenching.

Cher (who sleeps later than MMQC and I suddenly entered our conversation): 

"What??  That was a fake dog??   I even zoomed it up and thought...she'd better bring him in...his coat looks stiff."

Me:  "Now who's the rube?"  

1st CONCLUSION:  A rube is not necessarily "a country bumpkin." 

However, that wasn't the end.  Later that morning...

Cher:  "Oh look!  Santa is at my house."  

Me:  "You stupid s#&$ I'm not telling that story on my blog.  It's an out and out lie."

2nd CONCLUSION:  "Everyone matters."
(including Cher, who apparently did not want to be left out of this post...hence, her Santa).

And now, meet the real thing...Shiloh

(aka Shy, although this 75 lbs Shepherd is FAR FROM SHY)

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

The Rube's Conclusions

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Ann said…
Oh how funny. It does sorta look like a real dog though. I am a little upset that you think Santa is a lie though. How will I make it through Christmas with that on my
Gayle said…
From one rube to another, I'd take it as a compliment--haha. Fun series of photos and narration.
MadSnapper said…
what fun with texting, i knew it was not real the minute i saw it, and i am also a rube and proud of it. the reason i knew the word is because of all the reading i do. enjoy your E friends
Very lifelike statue. would appear not ALL the 'fruitcakes' were in the overn lol.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, what a fun post. I can be a Rube at times too. Shy is a REAL cutie, but I like the statue too. The Santa is pretty. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Thanks also for the comment on my post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and week ahead!
carol l mckenna said…
Great post and photos for Critters and love the handsome dog ~ ^_^

Happy Week Ahead to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

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