Waiting For Christmas

It seems that after Thanksgiving is celebrated, Christmas is just around the corner.  While it's been in the stores for months, it is not yet at my house.  However, when I went to my hairdresser this week, I found his salon had been "Christmas-afide."  

Don't you just love the pine-cones on the window sills?

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Waiting For Christmas

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MadSnapper said…
I love the look of the room and the mantle is gorgeous, but not pine cones on my window sills. OCD is my middle name
Lea said…
I love seeing all the Christmas decorations!
Have a wonderful week-end!
Ann Thompson said…
That looks great. I wish someone would come and decorate my house for me
James said…
It sure does look great, much nicer than Great Clips.:-)
It's been awhile since I've decorated for Christmas. Maybe next year. This year I'll be away.

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