The Stupid, Stupid, Stupid Bird

When you read what I'm about to tell you, you will probably agree with me.  Bear in mind, this happened not once but twice in a matter of days.  It depicts the silliest, most pathetic case of a young turkey who could not "find it's way out of a paper bag", let alone my yard. 

The first time it happened was Christmas.  The Pres and I had seen all the kids and grand-kids on Christmas Eve, so Christmas day we were home "chilling."  The flock of wild turkeys had been through the yard and all were now outside the perimeter of the fence...all but one.

Spotting it initially at the back gate, I watched it pace back and forth over and over.

From the gate to the fence.

From the fence to the gate.

From the gate to the fence.

From the fence to the gate.


Then it got the bright idea to head toward the back fence where it nearly became tangled in the rolls of chicken wire...not once but several times!  Definitely "not the brightest bulb in the box!"

Before I knew it a senior member of the clan was on the other side of the fence.
When I spotted it, I thought, "Thank goodness someone with "brains."

I thought the soap opera was soon coming to an end. However, I was wrong.  The senior bird took the young bird over to a corner without any rolls of wire and with wood framing for the young bird to stand on.

But the stupid, stupid, stupid bird thought they were merely going for a leisurely stroll.  The one on the inside followed the bird on the outside back and forth, to and fro, over and over.  And then I saw the one on the outside wander off into the woods where the entire flock hangs out.  It had given up on the stupid, stupid, stupid bird.

When the bird on the outside left to join the others, the "insider" resumed pacing nervously...back and forth, to and fro, hither and yon, yon and was beginning to make me dizzy.

Now my heart was breaking for the stupid, stupid, stupid bird, so I bundled up and headed outside.

When I was about 15' away from it, it spread it's wings and flew over the fence.

A happy ending, I thought, until a few days later.  Again, the flock (or rafter) of wild turkeys sauntered through the yard and once again, the young lame brain was left behind.

Through the falling snow, I could see the flock hunkered down in their favorite spot.  The one elder that waited near the fence, once again, gave up.  Time passed, and the young bird continued to pace on the inside.

Again, I bundled up and headed out.  This time once it spread it's wings and flew over the fence to join the others, I opened the gate.  It is now propped open.  Lets see it recognizes that I believe in "the open door policy."

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The Stupid, Stupid, Stupid Bird

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Silly Turkey!!! If it's not careful I'm sure it will find itself in someones oven!!
Have a great day and stay warm :)
Gayle said…
Chuckling here. Hope the gate works. That could become a habit.
Every family has one lol.
MadSnapper said…
I am just very glad to hear it is safe from hunters and that you rescued the silly bird and did not have him for dinner...
eileeninmd said…
LOL, what a cute story. It is a silly bird, maybe it will be happy with the open gate policy! Have a happy day and week ahead!
Ann said…
not only stupid but obviously not a very good memory.
Cute story, JP, and good for you for braving the elements to help out. Now, I truly know the meaning of bird brain because this is one turkey that much have one! Stay safe in the snow!

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