A Nice, Quiet Walk

The brisk wind made it feel cooler near the river than I had planned.  Walking along the shorter of the two trails, I thought that if I walked at a quicker pace, I would be warm enough.  All I was looking for was some peace and quiet, fresh air and water, of course.  

 When the trail straightened I spotted a woman about 100 feet ahead of me.  Bundled in a dark, quilted coat and wearing her hood, I was envious as chills occasionally ran up and down my arms.  Moments later, turning to look at me, she mumbled something.

Before I knew it I was the focal point of her dog who was galloping through the woods.  Running toward me at full force, I stopped and remained motionless.  The large head of the German Shepherd was suddenly in front of me as it's master was slowly making her way toward us.  Gazing into it's eyes and hoping it was not aggressive, I remained still.  Then I recognized the all too familiar body language.  Tail wagging, mouth open exposing it's gleaming white teeth and giant pink tongue, it lunged.  He was in "play mode" and a "jumper."  Deflecting it's frontal approach by merely turning my upper body without changing my stance, I was still standing by the time the owner got to us, now petting the handsome Shepherd.  

After several attempts to grab the short leather lead he was wearing, she eventually just grabbed his collar and yanked him toward her.  Speaking broken English, she whispered to him, "No jumping" before telling me in a convincingly tone that he was "only a baby, only one, eighty pounds, good boy."

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A Nice Quiet Walk

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Lovely covered bridge...and....that woman needs to gain better control over her 'baby'.
carol l mckenna said…
Beautiful nature photos and what delightful turn of events with your new furry friend ~

Happy week to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka, (A Creative Harbor)
Debbie said…
a beautiful walk!! i was bitten once by a dog, a german shepard..i don't appreciate when they are off leash!! you were a sport!!!
gld said…
Beautiful country you live in! That must have been a scary moment.I do admire German Shepherds.

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