A Not-So-Perfect Relationship

Liquid laundry detergent has always been my choice for washing clothes.  To be honest, it was always "Tide." 

Yes, it was always "Tide" until my MIL told me that my laundry detergent may be the cause for me being itchy which happened to her.  She recommended 'ALL" 

So, I switched.  It was a perfect relationship.  We worked well together.  It did all that I asked.  Thinking it was a perfect match, I felt like we went together like peanut butter and jelly.  I was itch free and the clothes were clean.
Case closed. 

However, a few months ago, in a conversation with my daughter, she suggested that I try "pods".  "Mom, they're great.  You should try them."  Asking the Pres to pick up "pods" on his next grocery trip, he came with a container of 90 "All Powercore Pods" that he purchased at BJs.  So, the affair began.  The pods were easy.  They were fun to use...no measuring, dripping, etc.

 Happy, happy, nice, nice...

 After several weeks and multiple washings, one day when I removed the clothes from the HE machine, I noticed that there was something stuck to a pair of the Pres' underwear.  Pulling it off and tossing the underwear in the "to be washed" bin, I honestly didn't think about it.  The Pres has always the cause of extra "things" in the washing machine.

Anyway, a few loads later, another green glob.  This time it was on one of the new pillowcases.  Pulling it off, I noticed it left a white residue.  Tossing the pillowcase into the dirty clothes pile, I, once again, moved on.
A few weeks later, when I was getting dressed to hit the gym, I grabbed my favorite lightweight shirt from the closet.  Taking it off the hanger, I saw another green blob.  

This time I was annoyed.  Now I was upset.  This was my favorite $5.00 gym shirt...LOL!! 

It was time for "the call" to Customer Service.  
Well, after answering numerous questions and finding out that I followed the proper steps for loading and washing, I was asked to read off all the visible bar codes on the container.  

So.....bottom line is this:

Did you know that "pods" expire?

Yes, indeed, according to the customer service rep, their life expectancy is 9 months.  I did, in fact, receive coupons for future purchases of ALL, however, since I just replaced the expired pods with the gigantic jug of liquid, IF I did purchase "pods", they would expire before I opened them because the expiration dates on the coupons I received are this month!!

Meanwhile, when I walked in to return the unused "expired" pods at BJs without a receipt, they graciously handed me a gift card for merchandise for the full amount, so that worked out.  I have not been able to convince the Pres to stop buying stuff WE DON'T USE just because he has a coupon.

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

A Not-So-Perfect Relationship


MadSnapper said…
all is the way to go but no pods for me. i use all fabric softner. i am allergic to scents and it is scent free. i may try the all detergent and see if it helps my itchy.. as soon as my Arm and Hammer is gone.. thanks for the info.
The 'green glob\.....the 'pods from HELLLLLLL'......I think there\s a horror story here somewhere.
Ann Thompson said…
Wade insists on Tide. He's always complaining about itchy skin though so maybe I can talk him in to All, I tried the pods once when I got a sample. They are easy. I had no idea they could expire
I too use only liquid detergent and that is the only type that can be used in the washers here in the mill apts. I have only used pods when we were traveling and I wanted to take along detergent vs. purchasing it at the hotel laundry. Thankfully all worked out OK. I didn't know about the expiration dates either.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, I only use the liquid and one that is scent free. That is weird about the expiration date, do the stores check the date and remove the old items from the store. Probably not! Enjoy your day!
gld said…
I have even had dishwasher pods that didn't completely dissolve....I don't favor them at all. We have to use extra soap because of the hard well water and I like (well my laundry man) likes to measure the loose powder as he sees fit.

New isn't necessarily better.......
Terra said…
I had no idea pods expire. I use them in the dishwasher and have never tried them in the laundry. It sounds ikky to have part of them sticking to otherwise clean clothes and sheets.

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