He, She, It

Against the backdrop of the woods, today's pix are pretty self explanatory.




I will say, however, that when I spotted "IT," he appeared to be black.  When I zoomed in, although a cloudy day, "IT'" was more than acceptable to make an appearance in today's post.   

And now they are predicting a possible "nor'easter" for Thursday into Friday.  So it looks like the feeders will still be needed.

seeing, saying, sharing...

He, She, It

with you and those at

Wild Bird Wednesday

Oh, one more thing, THEY'RE BACK...


gld said…
Love the birds! We just passed a very large flock of turkeys as we left to get chicken feed yesterday. Do you know what the black bird with the blue head is?

Hope the storm isn't too severe.
Ann Thompson said…
What kind of bird is the it?
carol l mckenna said…
Magnificent shots of our feathered friends ~ Divine!

Happy week to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka, (A Creative Harbor)
Debbie said…
beautiful!!! but cam someone cut that branch??!!
Lea said…
Love the birds that come to your feeders!
I have not seen as many Turkeys this winter as I did last year. Don't know where they have gone to
Have a great day!
Wonderful He, SHE and IT and great turkey shot too! Loved it.

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