Reflections On Ice

Saturday was a super busy day for me.  It was yet another opportunity to get some fresh air!!  Texting "Bill" Friday night, I asked him to confirm what time everyone was meeting for "the snowshoe hike" EVEN THOUGH WE DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH SNOW on the ground...LOL!!  

When he answered me, he suggested that I bring my walking stick with a sharp end, water, snacks and to dress warm, stating that we would be out in the woods "walking the loop" for about 2 1/2 hours.  He also said to bring "YakTrax" if I had them because, although there was no snow, what we had instead was ICE...and it was everywhere!

Before I pulled out of the garage I ran back into the house to grab my "Yaktrax" from the Winter storage bin.  Bought back in the late-90's, they hadn't been used in a long time, so I thought they would be fine if I needed them.

And need them I did.  In fact, the parking lot was a virtual skating rink.  As soon as I set one boot on the ground, I turned, grabbed them off the passenger seat and pulled them over my boots.  They worked perfectly as I navigated my way over the icy covered trails through the woods up and down hills and on iced-over paths that looped around the lake.  For those of us that were fortunate enough to have them, it was an exhilarating and fun hike all while enjoying the fresh air in mid-February with fellow outdoor enthusiasts.  

It was a learning (what else is new??) too.  Two of my fellow hikers explained geocaching to me.  Apparently an app on their phones was signaling them that there was something within 50 feet of us.  So, when they told "Boss" that they were taking a detour and would catch up, I shouted out, "Boss, I'm with them."  It was so cool to watch them discover the old ammunition box beneath two fallen trees, open it, log in and return it to it's "special place." 

Since it was the first 6 mile hike I've done in years, I really wasn't sure how by body would fare both during it and the day after.  On Sunday, I felt pretty good although after speaking with a fellow hiker, decided to give my knees a well deserved rest.

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Reflections On Ice

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magnoliasntea said…
What a magnificent walk that must have been. I've never found a geocache myself, but I think it would be fun to find one.
Have a wonderful weekend!
MadSnapper said…
you sure lucked out having the yaktrax and going back to get them. i first heard about them from a blogger in Sweden who wears similar to yours, just to go shopping in her town. so beautiful and glad you could get outdoors and enjoy it
Your ice grippers sound like a great idea to have on the last photo.
We also have those spiky skip-ons for our shoes, although ours are from L.L. Bean which had great sales last year. That said, we haven't used them at all this season because it was too frigid to walk in the local park and then it has been very muddy. Hopefully in a couple of weeks we'll be able to get back to extended outdoor walking. We've never done geo-caching but I have seen folks on a hunt when we lived in VA.
Angie said…
That hike is right up my alley!

I enjoy the 30-minute walk into town, and my Traxx have been indispensable. Even though we have snow here rather than ice, over time the snow gets compacted and very slippery. You are asking for a broken hip if you don't wear something for traction!

Have a cozy weekend!
Ann Thompson said…
Sounds like a perfect day
Stewart M said…
I love winter walks - the whole land takes on a different feel with snow and ice. Looks like a good walk - and knees always deserve rest!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
cedarmerefarm said…
That sounds like a really fun and invigorating day. Good for you!

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