Winter IS Alive and Well

In mid-January it was very cold here.  Although our snowfall hasn't been substantial this Winter, I went for a ride to "find the cold."  (The day I headed out it was also overcast, so please forgive the lack of sunshine.)

While I was looking for the cold, I noticed that there were hawks everywhere.  I spotted so many that day, it was crazy!

I've come to the conclusion that inclement weather brings out the best in Mother Nature.

Flooded, partially frozen shorelines were at the end of one of the trails I walked.  Trees wearing skirts of ice became targets as large, broken chunks floated downstream.

Towering White Pines encircling portions of the trail as I headed back to my car.

"Coyote Run" was an option, although I decided to head the other way on this visit.

Rock ledges still encased in ice began to intrigue me as I stood watching.  

And yet another hawk...watching, waiting for me to pass and leave it's territory.

This is what I found intriguing.

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Winter IS  Alive and Well

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Angie said…
Thank you for posting the videos - they are special and I can see what you found to be intriguing!
I didn't know hawks were territorial. Of course, I have tons of questions. We never see eagles at the lake, but long time folks have said that we do have them. We have an Eagle Lake Road
nearby. It must be a sure thing. Where else do they hang out? Eddie's Steak Shack on route 62?

Next question: Is this a river that you posted?

Ann said…
Love the pictures especially the towering pines. In the video is that fish swimming under the water?
MadSnapper said…
AWESOME trees and the videos are amazing
gld said…
I know it's cold, but it is beautiful scenery....wonder how the fish survive the cold.
Winter woods are beautiful. How wonderful to see all the hawks! Very exciting.
Linda said…
Nice shots! I'm used to seeing goldfish but you have cold fish.
Lea said…
I always enjoy seeing hawks, but I like to be warm more than I like being outdoors in the freezing cold!
Have a great day!
Rambling Woods said…
Oh wow...are those tadpoles under the ice...? I enlarged to take a look....Michelle

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