Texting my neighbor last week, I told her how concerned I was about the eagles.

  She hasn't seen or heard them either.

  Although they had been regular visitors from the end of October to the beginning of February, I believe they have decided to nest elsewhere.

We then became engrossed in a conversation telling each other we felt...


The tree-line is empty too.

just seeing, saying, and sharing...


with you and those at


Gayle said…
And now I'm sad. I always enjoy your Eagle updates.
MadSnapper said…
hope they come back
Ann said…
OH no, that is sad. Hope they aren't gone for good
betty-NZ said…
The photo certainly explains your words. I do hope you both find a way through to the light and enjoyment of life. :)
Angie said…
Oh dear. So sad.
This tugs at my heart. Wondering what you feel is going on here.

Red Rose Alley said…
I know what you mean.....I don't see the Eagles very often either.
They are such a GRAND bird.

Uppal said…
Not a good news!
Kay L. Davies said…
How sad that you might be losing your eagles. I've no doubt they are well, but have moved on for reasons best known only to themselves. I have long loved the eagles in British Columbia where I spent most of my life...when scientists were speaking of extinction, I could see the eagle numbers increasing from one year to another as I drove through farmland, next to the ocean, on my way to my job in Vancouver.
I hope your eagles come back. If not, you might be interested in checking out Hancock Wildlife Foundation. They have placed many "eagle cams" in BC's farmland and especially near the ocean.
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel
Kay L. Davies said…
I forgot to say how much I like your photo. Wasn't that moon something? My husband got some photos of tree shadows on the snow in our back yard, just by the light of the moon!
Kay again
Our eagles will come a bit later with the salmon runs. Right now they are hanging out in Washington State. - Margy
Lady Fi said…
Hope the eagles are safe! That is a lovely view.
Rambling Woods said…
I too hope they are safe, but sad for you...Michelle

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