Nature's Doorway: Keep Out

Last night shortly after the "nor'easter" began, the snow had begun to cover the patio's table and chairs.  I knew it would be beautiful in the morning.  

This morning, long before sunrise, the "white" had a blueish tinge.  It was BEAUTIFUL!  When daylight emerged, everything was just sooooooooo incredibly WHITE.  It too was beautiful.

Deciding that I would venture into the woods, I proceeded with caution as the trees overhead were laden with wet, heavy snow.  

Remember the recent post about the tree dangling by a thick Oriental Bittersweet vine?  I no longer need to worry.  The weight of the snow made the entire clump of leaning trees topple.

Perhaps it was Mother Nature's way of telling me that the doorway to my "sit spot" is closed.

 just seeing, saying, sharing...

Keep Out


Angie said…
Where one door closes, another one opens ... thanks for sharing these striking photos.
You'll have to find another way in to your spot...Mother Narure doesn't know everything.
Ann said…
Yeah!!! You got your snow. Unfortunately we got some more too.

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