On The Fence

Ever since Spring "arrived" here in our neck of the woods, things have just gotten out of hand.  It must be the onset of Spring that is making even the turkeys do strange things.  Perhaps it is related to all our recent storms, although the 4th nor'easter was a dud, I will admit.  Just let it be known...I'm done with snow...DONE!

  First it was the Bobcat that showed up.  Then the Red Fox sprinted through.  Finally later in the week, the turkeys...all of them...appeared from all directions.  The gate near the feeders has been left open all Winter so the rafter of wild turkeys can come and go as they please without having to fly over the fence.

The other morning though, just as the Pres was using the bathroom (the one with the VERY clean toilet...LOL!!), one turkey after another flew in from their roosts in the pine trees.  One by one, they landed and when the runway was  tad overcrowded, they made a new landing strip in the upper portion of the yard.

There was one daring bird that decided it liked being on the fence rather than on either side.  It didn't want to be near the woods and it didn't want to be with the others on the grassy surface.  

As I watched the flock on the upper level scratch and peck their way through the grass I knew it was soon time for them to fly over then fence on the North side and head back into the woods.  One by one, they got their short running start and sailed over the four foot wooden fence.  Meanwhile, down near the feeders, this male could not apparently get enough attention from the hens.  He strutted and strutted and strutted...

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

On The Fence

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MadSnapper said…
i think all this activity is a sign spring has sprung and that is a good thing since you are DONE with snow
Lea said…
Great photos of the Turkeys!
I saw a small flock of Turkeys a couple of weeks ago. The toms were strutting around displaying their tail feathers, but the hens were completely ignoring them!
Have a wonderful day!
That turkey is where I've been many a time lol...on the fence.
Betty J. Crow said…
Great shots! Love seeing the Toms all dressed up. I saw one a couple of days ago, but he walked down a hill before I could get the truck stopped and my camera ready. I should have been more prepared.
What a super selection of photographs ...

All the best Jan
Breathtaking said…
Hello!:) It's the time of year for them to strut their stuff. Great to see them up close.:)
Ann Thompson said…
It's a busy place there.
Wow! You've had quite the variety of visitors! Love your turkey invasion!
Angie said…
I smiled through this whole post ... it does seem your house is Grand Central Station for critters. My favorite part was the description of the 'runway'. Turkeys do need some space for take-off!

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