Plant Help...Pretty Please

As most of you know, I have many, many houseplants (32 at last count).  They range in age from my recent February purchase (Anthurium) to my Rubber plant and Crown of Thorns, both gifts from CT friends/co-workers, which are fifteen years old.  

While the cactus, also a gift, (shown below) is from a friend in VA, it is not the plant I need help with.  However, I just had to show you what it's done over the past few months, which I am happy about.  It has new spines EVERYWHERE!! 
If it's happy, I'm happy...:)  

Now the plant shown below I have a question about.  

It is a small palm and has always done well with the care (or neglect) I've given it.  My question is this:  can anyone tell me what in Heavens name the growth is toward the middle of the plant?  

Examining the growth closely, it does appear to be part of the plant.  IF you know what it could be, help would be appreciated...:)

What is it? 
Does it mean it's time to repot?
Do I let it continue to grow?
Do I cut if off?

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Plant Help...Pretty Please

with you and those at


Gayle said…
The RG is of the opinion that it is the blossom coming on; possibly a long time in the making.
MadSnapper said…
it is an Areca palm, and if you plant it in the ground here, it will grow up to 15 feet tall, the pods are the blooms, tiny blooms.
Sounds like you've got your answer....good thing...i certainly didn't know what it was lol.
Debbie said…
i thought maybe it was a weed but it looks like people in the know, know!!!!

i only have a few house plants, but i have always dreamed of having more!!!
I'd think it is getting ready to bloom. Keep an eye on it and take lots of pictures for us.
carol l mckenna said…
Looks like new growth to me ~ not a professional ~

Lovely to see the 'green' ~ especially since MA is suppose to get lots of snow Tues!

Happy Week to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)
Ann Thompson said…
Glad you got answers because I'm clueless
I'm not good with houseplants, so am pleased to see you have some answers in the above comments.

All the best Jan
I see you have an growth, possibly flowers! How exciting! It looks great! Hugs, DIane
Angie said…
This is what I love about the blogging community - there is always someone out there with the answer, and pretty darn quick!
Rambling Woods said…
I had no idea..there is a FB group that is really great for plants IDS. I use them when I need it..Michelle

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