The well-worn path into the woods appears different to me this year.  Mother Nature's winds have taken a lot of branches down which I move out of the way on each visit.  In addition, this "archway" was created.  Each time I walk under it though, I find it more than a tad unsettling.
A clump of cedars most of which have been strangled by the dreaded and invasive, Oriental Bittersweet (celastrus orbiculatus), is now leaning in an Easterly direction.  The only thing holding this tree in particular is the strength of the round leaved woody vine of bittersweet. 

So, until that thick, woody vine relinquishes it's grip causing the tree to fall and become an obstacle in my path, I wait.   

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As long as it doesn't fall ON you.
MadSnapper said…
i would love to have wooded areas like yours outside my door
Ann said…
I hope it doesn't decide to fall while you are walking under it
Andrea said…
Hi, it is still easier to walk through a forest in a temperate country as its undergrowth is not as intense as in the tropics. Here a few months a path is left untrodden and it suddenly close and difficult to find the way.
BetteG said…
I have NEVER been a fan of the Oriental Bittersweet. They really create havoc for the brown bird habitat.
Stewart M said…
I think you can start to say you know a place when you almost know the trees by name.

cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
Even though you may have to wait awhile to walk that path, JP, it is far better to be cautious as trees do have a way of falling unexpectedly.
Rambling Woods said…
Oh those darn invasives...and all the storms have taken a toll of trees everywhere...Michelle

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