The Toilet...A Story of Friendship Rings

Moving into their home in 2011, the old man and the old woman were optimistic about having a "new" home.  Energy efficient, extremely well insulated and a lot smaller than what the old woman had to clean in the past, she eagerly awaited exploring the area and enjoying retirement.  The old man, on the other hand, was more concerned about when the cable was scheduled for installation.

Over the six years, the house and area proved to be what she had hoped for...except for one detail that the old man refused to address.  Told by others that the cause for the ugly brown stains in her brand new bathroom porcelain sinks and toilets was caused by hard water and sediment in the well water, she couldn't understand how it could occur.  Meanwhile, the old man continued to change channels each time the subject was raised.

A "whole house filter" had been installed shortly after they moved in and "will fix the problem," the old man said.   An "in-line" filter was installed a few years later by the old man in hopes that the old woman would stop talking about the darn water stains.  Neither did the trick.

He changed channels while she scrubbed with so many products...CLR, Clorox Bathroom Cleaner With Bleach, Clorox Cleaner Without Bleach, Tilex, Bath and Bowl Cleaners.  You name it, the old woman tried it.  The relentless stain in the now six year year old toilet bowl remained.  

However, there was hope.  Last year the old man and his friend, who had a bug planted in his ear by the old woman, convinced the old man that they should check the depth of the well pump.  Raising the pump only a few feet did the trick!  No longer was the old woman watching silt sink to the bottom of a glass of water taken from the tap.  Deciding that this feat in itself was next to miraculous (especially since it meant that she didn't have to clean all the faucet filters several times a week, nor replace the refrigerator cartridge as frequently), the old woman decided to keep her trap shut about the brown ugly ring in the toilet bowl. 

Well, about two weeks ago, the old woman was chatting with one of her friends, a fellow blogger, Sandra of Mad Snapper.  A suggestion was given to the old woman, who immediately went to the store.

Lets just say that there was a "happy ending".  The ugly, brown ring that once bothered the old woman is gone.  Thanks to her friend, now, when she flushes, the porcelain toilet bowl is white...all white.  And it was all because her friend suggested using white vinegar and a pumice stone.  

She will say that she also used the soaked wads of toilet paper under the rim (suggested and shown below***) and it also did the trick on those tough hard water stains.  The old woman also thought she'd throw in a few links, although there are tons out there, for you just in case you're skeptical:

Martha Stewart-DIY Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Little Things-Cleaning Tricks for your Bathroom ***  (this one has lots of tips)

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

The Toilet...A Story of Friendship Rings



So happy the 'old woman' got rid of her hard water stains lol. Vinigar is good for so many things.
Vinegar (and sometimes a little extra baking soda) does wonders. - Margy
Angie said…
The old-fashioned ingredients work every time ....
Ugh. Terrible job for the old woman. Once she achieved the satisfaction of a white porcelain toilet, she should have flushed the TV remote straight down.

Ann said…
First, let me say that old women should not have to still be cleaning a toilet bowl. Vinegar is a pretty amazing thing. Glad it worked for you
MadSnapper said…
i am so happy the information i passed on Worked wonders. I got the info from my highschool bestie who live in Savannah and has hard water well to.. the circle is unbroken and we go round and round passing on info.. i have a hubby who changes the channel each time i repeat something he doesn't want to hear.
Yeah, they actually sell pumice stones just for this purpose. Who'd a thunk it?
gld said…
Are all old men the same? Just wondering......................

Good for this particular old woman.

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