Colorful Life

Although you may think that since I returned from vacation that I've been sitting around with my feet up watching the days go by, you're wrong.  The Pres and I are heading to RI to give my daughter a hand with a few "odd jobs" around their' place...building a new set of stairs for their deck, putting in a window, replacing lattice under the decks, and putting up an archway.  

Since I'm busy again the next few days, I'm using more pix from Aruba to give you a warm, fuzzy feeling. However, I cannot wait to tell you about clearing trails on Earth Day, kayaking in search of Eagles, participating in World Tai Chi Day, my own yard work, and just "stuff" in general. 

Although I am definitely a "morning" person, there was something about the balmy night air this year that attracted me.  When we would return to our time share after walking to the nearby restaurant for dinner, meandering through the pool area was enlightening.


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Colorful Life

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eileeninmd said…
Hello, it is good to keep busy! Love the colorful pool shots.

Enjoy your day!
Love those pool shots.

All the best Jan
Red Rose Alley said…
The pool is dazzling at night. Love the Purple favorite color.

Glad you had some relaxation on the recent Aruba trip, JP, before starting the projects you mentioned in this post. And, yes that pool certainly was colorful, but where were all the folks enjoying it?
Angie said…
It certainly did give my a warm, fuzzy feeling … I would very much like to sit in a hot tub right now after cleaning the house and working in the yard today!!!

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