Cool Down Haven

In Aruba, after walking on the beach for an hour and now needing a cool down,  every day I would walk to "The Farm"..."The Butterfly Farm", that is.  

Believe it or not, it's what's inside that 720 sq ft screened enclosure that is my favorite part of Aruba.  It is filled with friendly employees (many of whom I've known for years), along with the owners, and tropical foliage of all shapes and sizes and lots of butterflies flitting around in the early morning sun.  Like me, the morning is their "active time."

Meandering through the foliage on the sandy pathways, regardless of where I look, I find peace.   With benches to sit on as I listen to the sounds of birds outside the screened enclosure and literally watch beauty emerge right before your eyes, The Butterfly Farm is a never ending learning for me.

Hundreds of butterflies from around the world can be seen...Southeast Asia's Tree Nymph, South America's Blue Morpho, Central and South America's Owl Butterfly, Tiger Swallowtails, Lacewings, Caribbean Longwings, the Monarch, the Lemon Butterfly and my favorite, the Atlas Moth from the forests of Asia.

Standing in front of the what I call "the delivery room",  butterflies emerge from their jewel-like chrysalis and moths from their cocoons.  Drying their wings, they slowly "pump" before they are take their first flight.

Butterflies "sipping" nectar from slices of oranges and bananas can be seen throughout "The Farm".

My first morning there, I was greeted by Tony (the owner) who I hadn't seen since 2016.  "My love, it is so good to see you.  We missed you last year."

Hugging tightly, we then caught up with what's gone on in our  lives, ending with our dogs.

and we can't forget the caterpillars as they chew and chomp their way across the host plants for their species like this little guy...who will soon become a beautiful Monarch butterfly.

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Cool Down Haven

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Ann said…
What a wonderful place
The most common butterflies we get are Mourning Cloaks early in the season and Swallowtails later. When I water the float garden I sometimes find Swallowtails doing what is called mud-puddling. They get liquid as well as salts during this process. - Margy
Rambling Woods said…
Oh, I needed this tonight. It has been icy, snowy, messy and cold here. Butterflies and a beach are what I need..I did link you into Nature Notes...have a good time...Michelle
Angie said…
I can see why you like to return to this haven ... so much to see and experience, and so restorative to see Mother Nature going about her business in such a beautiful way. I can't get over the 'delivery room' photo - so much variety in one little gift box!!!
BumbleVee said…
Ahhh... now I know where you were wonderful....

I did one day in Aruba many years ago on a cruise... didn't get any chances to do butterflies.... sadly.
wow! What a wonderful variety! Thank you for sharing.

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