Left Behind

Giving the four of us plenty of time to eat breakfast once through baggage check and security, our flight to Aruba was delayed 40 minutes Easter Sunday.  It almost seemed impossible that it was "that time" of the year.  Last year I had refused to go because the dogs were not well.  The Pres was a tad "cranky" so when it was time to make our reservations for this year, I listened to "it" all over again.

Yet after 30 years, like him, I have learned to not get ruffled and had planned everything, including my wardrobe, pretty carefully.  Everything would fit in my carry on while the Pres bag would be checked because it contained our toiletries, sunscreen, snorkel gear, etc.  Planning even the outfit for the plane by dressing in layers, I knew that I needed to literally go from cold and chilly Boston to Aruba in a matter of hours.  Honestly though,I still didn't feel like I was on vacation until we landed, the remainder of the layers were removed and I inhaled.

A balmy, warm late afternoon sun-filled sky greeted us as we wheeled our luggage to the car rental place.  

Bear in mind, the Pres had bought two bottles of Vodka in the airport before we got to the gate for takeoff because it's "Duty Free" and cost a lot less.  Once we landed and got our bags, he placed the bag on the ground near his suitcase while we waited for the rental to pull up to the curb. 

Laughing and talking the four of us piled into the rental after loading all the luggage.  Somehow, the bag filled with two weeks of liquor didn't get loaded.  The Pres never picked it up when he wheeled his bag toward the rental.    

Needless to say when he had to go to a local liquor store there in Aruba and buy two more bottles, he was not a happy camper.

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Left Behind

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No matter where I am I'm nervous of leaving things behind. I check and double check. - Margy
Ann said…
I can imagine how unhappy he was. It always infuriates me when I forget a bag at the store. No matter what was in it, it was paid for and someone else was going to get it.
Bee Lady said…
I have one better than that! We were in Italy and went to this cooking school for lunch. We (me, Mom & Dad, Sister) ordered wine and truffle oil to be sent home. They sent it, but two numbers got transposed (our mistake) so over $300 worth of stuff went to a neighbor a few blocks down, who claimed they never got it. However, UPS DID deliver it. Lesson learned. I like the idea of putting toiletries in one larger bag and a carry on. Save $25 each way! Thanks for the tip!

Lady Fi said…
Such a lovely sky.
Angie said…
Back when Gameboys were all the rage, our young son left his in the seatback pocket, and didn't realize until we were at our next gate. We went back and checked with the gate staff, filed a report with lost and found ... and you know the end of the story - it was never seen again. Needless to say, we all double and triple check now!
Kay L. Davies said…
What a beautiful Skywatch photo...wonderful colours in that sky!
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel
Too bad about the lost vodka, but then things can happen when trying to collect luggage and bags. I bet the replacement bottles were enjoyed even more.

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