Meet The Iguanas

Sitting near the pool under the umbrella one afternoon, I spotted a very handsome male iguana and decided to just watch as he chomped and ate his way through the nearby foliage.

 Occasionally he would stop chomping, look in my direction and pose for a shot or two.  Then it was back to work, devouring all that green, his belly growing fatter and fatter.

Naming him "George," I really admired him.  Suddenly, he stopped cold and remained motionless.

Then after a few seconds, he once again began stuffing his face.
(Don't you think he looks rather "Grinchy" in this pic?)

Well, then a stunning, svelte female appeared from behind the pillar.  She was a real "looker" if you know what I mean.  I immediately named her "Lizzard Lips."  

She was a little reluctant to come out at first, and kept retreating, but slowly, she made her way out into the open patch of green. 

Meanwhile this crazy Grackle (I think because of the rudder-type tail when in flight) decided to be my intermission and entertain me by standing on one leg.  At this stage, I was beginning to think I had been in the sun too long! 
 Back to 'Lizzard Lips"...such a dainty, femme fatale.  I knew that "George" would be in trouble and fall for her hook, line and sinker.

 She lingered in the green foliage, keeping her distance from 'George" as if she was taunting him.  

 Then, to my surprise, "Lizzard Lips" turned and walked away, snubbing "George" before he got too close.  THe last I saw her, she was heading to where the grass was a little greener.

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Meet The Iguanas

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eileeninmd said…
Hello, I like the iguanas. Cute critters. Have a happy day!
Ann said…
Aw poor George. In the second to last picture, with that big iguana smile, he was looking pretty hopeful.
Stewart M said…
Hi there - I always find it funny that an animal that looks so much like a dragon, actually eats plants! Nature at her best!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
MadSnapper said…
we love our lizards and would like to SEE these in real life. they are so BIG and beautiful
Love the iguana's and your narrative!

All the best Jan
Angie said…
OK - I have to know - how do you tell the male from the female?

Seems like George was looking for love in all the wrong places!!!

And, by the way - stay in the sun - you tell great stories when your brain is fried!
I'm not sure how it happened, but my dad brought home an iguana from the high school where he was a vice principal. Unfortunately it didn't live very long. - Margy

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