Fast, Furious, and Old

Under the watchful eye of "the old woman", "the old man" continued his mission.  Aside from hitting an occasional boulder that he didn't see (although he refuses to admit that he needs new glasses), mowing the majority of the lawn was a non-event.  

However, "the old woman" thought she should remain outside on the deck pretending to clean the furniture as "the old man" zipped around the yard through the moist, green grass.  She was reluctant to go inside since she did not want the newly planted hydrangeas to be accidentally run over.  You see, the "old man" drives is mower at warp speed.

The "old woman's" reasoning was based on what happened while she was sitting on the deck watching the "old man" zip around on that powerful mower.  You see, as he began to near the decks, suddenly it was as if an earthquake was taking place.  The entire deck was shaking beneath the "old woman"! 

Was the large deck (built by the "old man") collapsing?  Oh no.

Not to worry was only because the "old man" ran each of the pillars that brace the deck with the powerful 62 inch wide commercial mower that the "old man" insists on riding.  This is the mower he wants the "old woman" to learn how to operate!!!  (Lets all LOL now, shall we?)

The point of this rant is simple:

Why is it that soe men need to behave like cavemen?

We don't live in a cave!  We live in a house.  We are civilized.  We no longer HAVE to hunt for food.  We grocery shop.

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Fast, Furious, and Old

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Sandi said…
"We no longer HAVE to hunt for food. We grocery shop."

HahahhahahHahahhaHAHAHA!!! :-D
Angie said…
LOL! I recognize this behavior … that of the old man AND the old woman!!!
Ann said…
Refusing to admit the need for glasses, running over anything in his path simply because he's riding atop a powerful machine. Yes, I recognize these characteristics. It's the Y chromosome that makes them that way. You look at them and just can't help wondering Y? (why)
eileeninmd said…
Hello, wouldn't he need those glasses while driving a car too? I am glad the deck was not damaged and your plants survived. Enjoy your Monday and new week ahead.
Well, my old man insists on doing more than he should and then pays for it. Will he listen?

That steak and corn looks fabulous! Got me drooling.
Mine is neither fast nor furious..just old. Old he has down to a science.
FAB said…
So I guess nobody is going to stick up for the Pres!! By the way .. Old is just a state of mind.

I trust the rest of your week is less stressful.

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