Saturday, I did another "gig" as a volunteer.  Held at a local nursery, various vendors had been invited to sell and or promote their cause.  While we (my organization) sell "Keep It Clean, Keep It Green, Pass It On", I told "Boss" that I could do the entire day alone as long as someone helped me put the tent up and take it down.  Promoting the great outdoors works for me...I enjoy it.

About an hour into the event, as I watched people stroll by, I noticed a young woman with her dog.  Actually I noticed the dog first.  It was a young, beautiful Belgian Malinois.  (Since I didn't have my camera with me, I grabbed this step-grand-dog, a Belgian named Rage.)  

Asking her if I could pet her dog, she wholeheartedly introduced me to Storm and we soon became friends.  The woman explained to me that this was one of the first large social gatherings for Storm who seemed interested in everyone and everything and was intrigued by all the activity including the small parade that kicked off the event.

While she and her companion went one way, I settled in to my role and began chatting with people about the benefits and the numerous activities within their reach.

A few hours later, the woman came over and asked me if she could leave Storm with me while she walked to her car to get the gallon of water and water bowl for her best friend.  Of course, I said yes.  
Taking the leash without hesitation, and watching the young woman walk away, I knew I would be in good company.  Sitting next to me, Storm, a quiet two year old, enjoyed the one handed massage as she sat patiently through my various presentations with numerous passers-by.  Lying on the grass, getting comfortable in the cool shade, she settled in quickly and in fact, when her master returned, they both kept me company for a few hours.  "Another friend", I said to myself smiling.

Meanwhile, the day ended and it was time to pack up.  Four days later I had the chance to spend two days with my granddaughter and my favorite monster, Harley Jean. 

Personally I think Harley will eventually grow up to be a great dog.  However, right now at 6 months and 47 lbs, she is the largest bundle of energy on the go that you can imagine.  For instance while my granddaughter and I had our backs turned in the kitchen working on a project, she jumped up on the island and stole a piece of parchment paper where the cookies once sat.  Then later on, you know who decided she need to chew on my purse.

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MadSnapper said…
I do love a happy post and when it is about happy dogs I like them even more. what a fun day you had and new friends in the bargain
eileeninmd said…
Hello, both Storm and Harley Jean are sweet dogs. Adorable photos. I remember those puppy days, all kinds of things were chewed and ruined. But, we still loved them. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. I also appreciate the visit and comment. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!
Joyful said…
Beautiful post and beautiful dogs. We always had a dog when I was a child. I so remember all the chewing going on when they were puppies.
Ann Thompson said…
As yes the chewing stage. Nothing is safe
Lea said…
Beautiful dogs!
Have a blessed day!
Storm and Harley Jean are both just wonderful!

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