My Heart Soared

On Friday, at the commuter lot, I was meeting Mike.  Although he refuses to admit his extensive knowledge and quite often answers people with a humble and simple, "I don't know," he will always be my "Eagle guru".   It all started a few weeks ago, when speaking to Mike, he mentioned that one of his long-time friends was not doing well and was now in a nursing home recovering.  Turning to him, I said, "Don?" to which he replied, "Yes.  Do you know Don?" 

"No, I've never met him. I just know of him.  He's the one who inspired me to observe and journal Eagles the way that I do.  I had read just about everything and anything he wrote.  I decided that if he did it that way, then that's how I'll do it too.  I would love to meet him one day."

This past Friday I did.  With tear-filled eyes...tear-filled not because he's 92 and in a nursing home, but tear-filled out of sheer gratitude.  I was able to thank him face to face for inspiring me.

He began as I did, which I never knew until Friday. He began what is known as HMANA (Hawk Migration Association of North America).  

Connecticut Wildlife July/Aug 2014 -
Don Hopkins: Keeping Watch Over CT's Bald Eagles. Written by Julie Victoria, ... tive birders, established HMANA as a volunteer, non-profit organization of field ...

While he began hawk watching in MA, I was introduced to it while I lived at the base of the Blue Ridge in Southwest VA thanks to the Bird Club I'd joined. 

His mind is incredibly sharp, citing dates, places, people and experiences and his eyes twinkled with joy as he shared his knowledge and expertise with me.  I found him to be a plethora of information.  When Mike and I left, I can only  hope and pray the smile on his face was also in his heart as he once again talked about "the birds".

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

My Heart Soared

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Oh what a great meeting you had. It's a joy to spend time with an inspiration sharing their passion with you. I'm so glad you got to share that experience. It'll add immeasurably to your enjoyment of the birds.
So nice to read about your meeting with the person who inspired you to eagle-watch, JP. Hope you and Don get to visit again.
FAB said…
JP. Delighted to hear about and feel the joy of you finally meeting your 'Eagle guru'.

Best Wishes .. FAB.
Angie said…
What a wonderful experience for you!!!
Susie said…
JP, It's always a wonderful thing to meet face to face someone we truly admire. I am so happy for you. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
betty-NZ said…
That is quite an exciting day for you! Thanks for sharing this part of your life with us.
Sounds a wonderful day for you …

All the best Jan
Rambling Woods said…
This brought tears to me eyes....Michelle

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