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Although I had never heard of them before, while doing another volunteer "gig", I actually got to sit on one.  Simple and inexpensive to make, I examined it closely.  Yes, it was an "Aldo Leopold Bench" (Aldo Leopold Bench).  I will tell you, however, that if you decide to make one, I would suggest that you have the board against your upper back slant rather be perpendicular.  It is much more comfy with the slight slant as the one shown below.

Image result for aldo leopold bench

It's time to break out the saws, Hon.  

Summer get-together on the horizon.

And you thought I was just a pretty face...LOL!!

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On The Horizon

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A lovely sunset capture, JP. That seat really doesn't look all that comfy to me.
Ann Thompson said…
What a pretty sunset.
Terra said…
How nice Aldo Leopold has a bench style; he probably did not sit very long and did a lot of hiking in nature.
In the current state of my post back surgery, this seat looks like it was meant for a torture chamber!

Oh, you caught a gorgeous sunset, JP!

Jane x
Kay L. Davies said…
If I were somewhat younger, I'd haul my un-handyman husband outside to help me build one of these benches. So cute...it reminds me of something my dad would have been making from trees he cut down when clearing the area for the house he built. However, my building days are over, so I'll just enjoy your photo. And as for your glorious sky...well, it is glorious!
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Timelesslady said…
Great bench, and looks easy enough for someone without carpentry experience.
Cute little bench...make a good kids step stool too. I think I'd be looking for a cushion lol.
What a great little bench. Great sunset. hug B
Angie said…
I hope your hubby is handy! Gorgeous colors in that sunset. I may not be commenting as often for the next few weeks since I will have my in-laws visiting from the UK. We are going to have a great time!
Bee Lady said…
Gorgeous sunset. They say, Red sky at night, sailor's delight, red sky in morning, sailor's take warning! I wonder what the weather was the next day.

What an amazing sky …

All the best Jan

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