The Regulars

It may not be the safest place to be, however it's become familiar. And it all started as I was crossed the bridge early one evening while heading to a nearby grocery store. Driving over the bridge when I looked left, I saw a large, dark blob in the tall, wiry pine tree.  

While shopping in the market, I couldn't stop thinking about that darn blob.  Recognizing it immediately, it remained in the forefront of my mind as I picked up the tomatoes and cucumbers.  

About 20 minutes later when I was returning home, the blob was now perched out in the open.  I was right.  It was an adult Eagle.  

Being so close to the old nesting site and my house, I couldn't help but wonder if it could be one of my "missing pair."

Nearly every day that has passed since I spotted it, I have gone back to observe.  Out of five days, I've seen it three times and have met numerous people who fish there regularly (like Johnny and Joey) who have seen it as well.  After just a week and speaking to many people, I am convinced there is a pair of Bald Eagles close by.  Whether they can be found and photographed is another story which is the only way I would know they were my pair.  (They would be identified by their leg bands.)

However, you'll see in my the pix below, whether foggy or crystal clear, whether calm or windy, whether sunny or rainy, it is a great spot with lots of activity including a lot of regulars.  There's been a GBH (Great Blue Heron) that shows up like clockwork between 7:28 AM and 7:35 AM, several Grackles (one of which has a crush on me), an adorable Belted Kingfisher, a striking Baltimore Oriole, a family of Canada Geese and even a Muskrat!  Yes, these regulars have been keeping me company in between the speeding cars and trucks, the passersby who yell "Don't jump" or those that simply toot their horn and wave fervently out the their windows.

(I will say that I much prefer my old "sit spot" in the woods.)

 (In case you missed the GBH in the pic above.)

My buddy, who sits on this chunk of wood almost the entire time I'm there.

And yes, I even went there in the rain, although I remained in my car.

One evening, from out of the darkness...

 and into the light, a family of Canada Geese appeared.

These guys make the oddest noise and seem very shy.

And another shot of "My buddy." 

A beautiful song from a beautiful Baltimore Oriole.

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

The Regulars

with you and those at


I've missed you. But I can guess from your eagle watching, that you are patient with me.

I hope your adventures are fruitful. I love the pics of the herons in flight. We love having them on our bay, they are elusive and unless they land nearby, they might just blend in with the scenery. Until they take off of course...then they blot out the sun.

Looking forward to more sightings, and your new friend!

Jane x
betty-NZ said…
I find something comforting about 'the regulars' that you see often. How awesome that the one bird stuck with you the whole time!
Stewart M said…
Now thats what I call a back yard! What a great set of birds.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
A little piece of heaven on earth.
Anni said…
I find myself in awe of your 'Regulars'! Isn't nature wonderful?

And. Once again, thanks so much for taking the time sharing ... allowing us bird enthusiasts to enjoy what you witness!
Betty Crow said…
Would love to have an eagle close enough to see often. I have only seen one once and I was driving about 70mph down the interstate. I wanted to stop, but feared I would get hit. I'm still hopeful one day I will get lucky. Nice shots of all the birds!
What a great place to go and sit even if in the rain, JP. I really liked the fog/mist scene.
Wonderful regulars! I hope the Eagle pair present a good photo op soon too!
Susie said…
JP, You are a great bird watcher. Love the pictures. My daughter absolutely love birding. I will show your blog to her when she visits again. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
Angie said…
I am sure your perseverance will pay off and you will locate your missing pair. In the meantime, you could do worse than to hang out with the 'regulars'.
Lovely to see :)

All the best Jan
Rambling Woods said…
Yea and good eyes. I have a hard time bird spotting... Michelle

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