Thick...Just Plain Thick

Several weeks ago, I awoke to find a decent sized puddle of water on the hardwood floor.  It was located in front of the refrigerator.  I cleaned it up and headed to the gym while the Pres slept.  Once home, I told him about it.  While his first response was something like "Hmmmm," as I asked if we needed to be concerned, his response was "Lets see if it happens again."

Fast forward SEVERAL puddles later, the WARPING hardwood kitchen floor, the freezer drawer being harder to pull out, the THICK ICE on the compartment floor as well as ice building up around the entire drawer, he finally decided to look at it.  The fix would be simple, he said.  The gasket was bad.   

Fast forward to several days after the gasket was delivered.  After waiting several days, he finally installed it. Ten days later, 
"Hon, why is there still so much ice everywhere?"

"Give it time to defrost itself."

"Hon, it's been ten days.  Several people told me it might be a clogged compressor drain.  Do you want to take the back off?"

"I did that already and didn't see anything" was his answer.  (I knew there was a problem because this is a man who quite often doesn't notice the Christmas tree has been put up.)

Fast forward through weeks of more BLAH, BLAH, BLAH and all I'll say now is the surgery took a little over 4 hours.

This past Sunday after performing a virtual four hour lobotomy of the refrigerator, we found the cause.  

Walking him through the dismantling thanks to (Google & YouTube), the problems were found.  The 2" plastic drain was frozen solid and the rubber funnel on the end was clogged.  

Now I'll say this.  The Pres and I had always been able to work well together...and we did for the most part through the entire operation.  

However, when it was time to put all the pieces back...the interior back plate, the ice maker, the light cover, the drawer slides, the drawers, the face, the back panel...I heard, "Let's see, I have 4 long screws there, 3 here, 5 over there, 4 short ones here but I don't remember which ones go where.  Hon, I think I'm missing a screw."  

Leaving him with screw driver in hand, I went outside to water the hanging baskets and "just breathe" thinking sometimes I think you're missing a screw too.


Stewart M said…
A couple who can do any form of DIY or maintenance without elevated blood pressure on both side would be remarkable - I have yet to meet such people!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
eileeninmd said…

You and your hubby are handy. We would have had to buy a new refrigerator.

Have a happy day!
I gave up on 'assisting' with anything the hubs is doing a long long time ago... Missing screws? Yup...quite a few of those over here....
MadSnapper said…
OMW! I could copy and paste this on my blog and change the names and address. 2 years ago we went through the same thing, except I have tile not wood.... why will they not listen... we just went through the AC making a thunderous noise he could not hear, for over a month I warned of impending trouble. he waits until what ever it is quits or gets so bad he can't ignore it. if I had called a month ago it would have cost 200 not 500 because the big fan thingy fell off the spindle and broke part off. when the noise started it would not have fallen off and required a factory part. he would hear nothing of it until it quit blowing cold air in the house...
Terra said…
I miss my husband's handyman skills, and recently gave in and found a recommended handyman. They don't work cheap. So enjoy your hubby's work around the house even if it has some drawbacks.
Ann Thompson said…
Why is it that you have to keep telling them there's a problem but if someone else said they had a problem they would be out the door in ten seconds to go help.
Oh, you're braver than me! I'd never let my DH near the back of a refrigerator.
Linda said…
­čśéThat is all I have to add. Linda@Wetcreek Blog
Susie said…
JP,,,Maybe it's a man thing...I have seen my Ted work his heart out for others, but if it's for something of ours....I often hear his swear words. :( So I try to avoid being around. LOL. Don't you love you can learn anything from there. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
Angie said…
Sigh … it's too bad I can relate to this … if I was handier, I would just do it myself!!! I can't count the times I've been biting my tongue hard enough to bleed … sigh.
Sure hope the fridge got put back together OK and yeah to you deciding to get out for awhile. Sometimes, we've worked well together on DIY projects, but then there have been those other times...

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