Nature's Way Works

Yes, I know it's July.  And yes, I know it's been very hot and humid.  I also know that this is the first year our lawn looks pitiful.

I honestly don't know what went wrong.  Perhaps I should say the Pres doesn't know what went wrong.  To make matters worse, I actually believed him for the past several weeks until the other night when he slipped and said, "I may have gotten carried away with the weed killer."

Our lawn...the lawn that was the envy of many...the lawn that everyone admired...the lawn that the Pres and I were proud of...the lawn that was lush, green, and a pleasure to walk on barefoot is no more.  

This is what it looks like now.  


Sad, right?  Go ahead, agree with me.  I see it and have been saying it every day for the past several weeks.  He did a bunch of different things this year that he's never done before.  Sometimes, you just need to leave well enough alone.  Although, as of this writing, I remain hopeful.  The Pres tells me it will come back.

Meanwhile, not all of us use those nasty weed killers.  Some of us weed the old fashioned way.  We get into the garden bed and start pulling, and pulling.  I always weed when the soil is dry...never after it rains.  Also, I have found that squatting or kneeling is much easier on the back.

And then there those of us who let Mother Nature's birds do the work for us.  They pick the seed and seem to enjoy doing it!

And they catch tons of bugs!  I have a whole new respect for Eastern Bluebirds, Catbirds and Eastern Flycatchers.  Darting and dashing from the backyard to the front garden beds, they ate well in my yard this Summer as they raised their young.

just seeing, saying and sharing...

Nature's Way Works

with you and those at


Our lawn looks a lot like yours.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, my hubby is trying to get rid of the lawn. So it looks a little wild.
Love the birds and flowers. Enjoy your day!
Linda said…
We stopped using weed killer, since we suspect it was killing us. A little rain should help your lawn. Linda@Wetcreek Blog
Unknown said…
My neighbor did that to his lawn 2 seasons ago and it still has not recovered as the stuff stays in the soil. I am so sorry that happened.... JP..I had made the collage before I saw your second post. I am heat tired today so I am not going to make a new one as I am going to lie down...Michelle

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