The Fourth

It has much meaning to so many.  To me, "The Fourth" represents a lot:

It means my FREEDOM.

It means PRIDE.

It means my COUNTRY.

It means my FLAG.

It means those who fought and or continue to fight for the life I now live.

Did I tell you that a few weeks ago, Boss and I did an Eagle presentation at a Veterans Coffee House?  It was such a heartwarming experience for me.  After the event, I stopped at McD's to get breakfast and  ran into a few of the Vets.  They invited me to join them, which I did, continuing to answer their incessant questions about Eagles.  A great bunch of guys from the Army, Air Force, Navy  and Marines, they were all glad that I "do what I do."

It means my ANNIVERSARY.

It means a lot.

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

The Fourth

with you and those at

This isn't the best pic, but you get it, right?  It's what I've been doing the beginning of June...monitoring another Eagles nest to ensure successful fledging.  Unfortunately, we have another nest and the chick is "missing."  An investigation is underway.


Happy 4th of July and Happy Anniversary too.

All the best Jan
Ann said…
Happy 4th and anniversary
Linda said…
Eagles are awesome! Happy anniversary!
Your accidental meeting up with these good souls made my throat close up a bit. You are a lovely person, JP. And a Happy Anniversary!

Good luck with that little one.


likeschocolate said…
Hope you had a wonderful 4th! Let freedom ring!
eileeninmd said…
Hello, happy anniversary! I hope you had a happy 4th! God Bless our country!
Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!
Angie said…
Belated Happy Fourth and Anniversary to you! Sometimes things can seem depressing, but we really do have so much to celebrate and to honor!
Belated holiday wishes and a late Happy Anniversary to you and Joe! Hope your celebrations were wonderful.

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